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      Viral Marketing with Quizzes

      The QuizRevolution solution for your marketing campaign

      You’re launching a new product and are trying to generate some buzz. You’ve tried websites and blog posts but are limited by their ability to really take off and go viral. Nothing keeps people’s eye’s on your message long enough for it to sink in. You’re pouring hundreds of dollars into ads but are not seeing a significant return.

      Why not try a quiz?

      By creating a fun quiz relating to your product, you can generate interest and exposure. Our quizzes can grab your potential customers' attention for several minutes on end. With embedded media and our extensive library of custom skins, you can be sure that your message is being delivered just how you want it. And best of all, your new quiz can be embedded in any website simply by pasting a single line of html.

      Some of our quiz features

      • Unlimited questions with embedded pictures and videos.
      • Multiple choice, write-in answers, timed questions, custom scoring, custom endings and more.
      • Mobile friendly. Our quizzes will run in any browser with JavaScript--no flash required.
      • Collect e-mail addresses or other user-submitted data.
      • Detailed analytics on your quiz plays: we'll tell you who’s playing, which questions are hardest and which make people lose interest. Tweak your quiz until it's perfect!
      • Embeddable on any web page: that means that not only can you use the same quiz on all your sites but that anyone who wants can get the link and embed it on their site too.
      • Fully integrated with Facebook: all quizzes are playable from within Facebook via our app.

      Creating a quiz is free and only takes a couple minutes. Once you've created your quiz you can embed it, share it on Facebook or host it on your own channel page on QuizRevolution. For more details, including premium pricing and instructions click here

      Sample marketing quizzes

      • Gadgets
      • Events
      • Music
      • Software
      • Books

      Find out more

      Don't see the feature you're looking for? Click here for more features and examples.

      We love talking about our quizzes so if you have any questions about our quizzes, please do not hesitate to contact us.