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      Change The Way You Present Content: Quiz it

      QuizRevolution is a quiz platform used 93 million times to engage visitors, increase stickiness, collect data, train employees, market, and promote. QuizRevolution delivers a critical new element to powerfully and effectively enhance web user engagement. Educators are quickly launching course materials with full multimedia and analytics. QuizRevolution is a perfect toolbox for sales and marketing teams or research groups with data collection needs. Critical, tedious, and repetitive requirements can be offloaded onto our industrial-strength customizable QuizRevolution Applets.

      Launch promotions and Lead Generation campaigns with social media interactive tools. Uses are limited only by imagination.

      Special requirements can be customized into your platform in days or hours.

      QuizRevolution offers an ever-improving "DIY" engine, which automagically transforms content into unique multimedia, interactive “sticky content”. The embed tools include built-in share utilities to help launch hot viral web campaigns. The many customizable options include the ability to collect virtually any form of data, migrate to Facebook or a SmartPhone App and last but not least collect comprehensive Analytics.

      Current QuizRevolution customers include: MTV, Monster, History Channel, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Popular Mechanics, Britney Spears, and thousands of others.

      QuizRevolution Highlights:

      • Served 93 million quizzes
      • 640,719 users created accounts and quizzes - in dozens of languages
      • 201,571 quizzes created
      • Average time spent on our embeds: over 10 minutes
      • One out of every three visitors to our site creates a quiz
      • Currently rolling out beta Facebook Apps

      Join us in building the best platform for sharing and promoting great content and continue to send us your comments and feedback. We will do what we can to include your great ideas in future upgrades.

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